Online resources

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Plans and drawings of historic gardens in United Kingdom
Drawings fron the archives of the Royal Institute of British Architects
Website of the oldest Society dedicated to the conservation and study of historic designed gardens and landscapes
Website of the Garden Museum in London
Website of the European Garden Heritage Network - EGHN
The Garden Landscape Guide
Website about the interrelation of poetry, painting, and garden design in English culture from 1700-1832
Website of the British Museum in London
British Library's website. Plans and drawings of many gardens digitalized
The New York Public Library Digital Collections
Website of the Company who's aim is to protect, preserve, and promote follies, grottoes & garden buildings
Website of the London Garden Trust
Catalogues of the collections from the John Soane Museum


Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington

Charles Bridgeman

Lancelot Brown

Johann Wolfgang Goethe 

William Kent

Georges Louis Le Rouge 
Digitalization of the book.

Alexander Pope

Humpry Repton

Horace Walpole


Beijing, Garden of Round Brightness (RC)

Bomarzo (I)

Castle Howard (UK)

Chiswick House (GB)

Dessau-Wörlitz (DE)

Ermenonville (F)

Ninfa (I)

Reggia di Caserta (Giardino Inglese) (I)

Sanssouci (DE)

Stowe (UK)

Strawberry Hill (UK)

Twickenham (UK)

Villa Albergati (I)

Wimpole Hall (UK)

Yuanmingyuan (RC)