About me (and this blog)

I am thirty-four, I have a master’s degree in Architecture, and my passion is garden history.
How gardens change, what they're made of, their relationship with garden owners and designers, their link to life and society from which they are born and have developed.
In this blog I would like to talk about the gardens I like most that hold an important place in the history of architecture. I will focus on landscape gardens, because they are the ones that touch me most and, therefore, the ones that I have studied and visited more.
Seeing as this collection of writing is a blog, it is always "under construction". In particular the bibliography and online resources pages are far from being complete and will be updated almost every day.
English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse my mistakes, but I chose not to write in Italian because I want to share this passion of mine with as many people as possible.

Many thanks to Francesca Petronio and Colin Thompson who will help me in this endeavor.